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Mel Pryor wins 2015 Philip Larkin Prize!

23 Jun 2015
Mel Pryor has won the prestigious 2015 Philip Larkin Prize with her poem Three stops from St. Francis Comprehensive. For more details, please see this article at the Bridlington Poetry Festival site. Read more...

Hans van de Waarsenburg (1943 – 2015)

16 Jun 2015
BIG SONNET FOR HANS, 1943-2015 Big man, old man, baggy man, Fun man, smart man, blue man, Love man, tough man, charm man, Give man, book man, drink man, Talk man, hat man, eye man, Ladies man, mother man, […] Read more...
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The Past Is Never Dead

In this important Selected, we have the opportunity to finally read in English a body of work of growing resonance: the “pugnacious melancholy” of Hans van de Waarsenburg. Translated by Peter Boreas. Hans van de Waarsenburg (1943) published his first collection of […] Read more...
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